The Product Garage Party

A big party to launch new
bootstrapped* products
* built with personal or internal funds


the product
garage party


1 October 2016
10:00 – 20:00
Garagem de Santa Cruz
Coimbra, Portugal


What is going to happen?

The makers are working hard on their ideas. Join us to celebrate the release of their new products.

Be the first to try out the latest apps and meet the people behind them.

Besides the product booths, the party will have a selection of stores with food, drinks and others goodies.

All to make sure it will be a fun and interesting day.

Entry is open and free to everyone.

The party starts at 10:00 and lasts until 20:00. Just show up and party with us!

The Products

Here are the bootstrapped products that will be launched. They are all from different companies and each solves its own problem. You can read the teasers below, but to know more you need to join us at the party.

Don't let your books gather dust

When a pigeon is not enough

Extend your contacts list

Tell everyone the shows you're attending

What would you do with an extra hour

Imagine, draw and play


☞ We want to highlight new products built without external funding, to show there are alternatives ways of financing new projects. At the same time, setting a deadline helps to motivate teams, so new projects don't end up abandoned.


And because the party is not just about work, we'll have some great kiosks with food, drinks and other surprises for everyone.

Sweets & restaurant

Specialty coffee

Indie magazines 

Craft beer






& friends ❤